KüchenTruck XXL – 15 meters of finest kitchen technology

If just the size matters: The KüchenTruck XXL

  1. KüchenTruck XXL
    You can really show off with the huge size of this truck.

    The 2016-newly-built KüchenTruckXXL not only makes a great impression, but also offers you countless possibilities for cooking. 20 combi steamers will allow you to serve thousands of guests, and thanks to the extra-large cold stores, your food and ingredients will remain fresh for longer periods of time.


    3D-model view

  2. Facilities
    Cooking facilities

    The basis for planning your event: the KüchenTruck XXL is fitted out with the following equipment as standard. Additional equipment can be provided.

    • 2 combi steamers 20 x 1/1 GN (gas)
    • 1 hob with 4 rings (gas)
    • 1 tilting fryer 70l (gas)
    • 1 double sink with water heater (65 degrees)
    • 1 grill plate (gas)
    • 3 stainless steel worktops on wheels
    • 1 cold stores -18°C to + 10°C (18m2)
    • 3 doors with non-slip folding steps
    • 1 lifting platform

    The KüchenTruck XXL can be rented with an accompanying marquee to expand your preparation area or provide a lounge area. We can also provide marquee flooring if desired.

    Required connections:

    1x 32 A CEE for kitchen operation
    1x 32 A CEE for cold stores (these can alternatively be powered by an integrated diesel generator

    1x water in/outflow with bayonet connector / quick connector (operation using a water tank is possible)

    The remaining kitchen appliances are gas powered.
    Gas tanks are installed in the truck.

    No electricity available at your location?

    Please get in touch with us – we can hire out a suitable generator along with your KüchenTruck. And of course, this includes ‘super-silent’ generators.

  3. Dimensions
    Dimensions for KüchenTruck XXL:
    • Length total: 16.50m
    • Trailer length: 13.60m
    • Width: 2.55m
    • Height: 4.00m
    • Turning circle: 13.00m
    Marquee dimensions
    • please ask us for details
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