Flexibility for any film set

Hungry film crews don’t make blockbusters:

Actors, directors and lighting crew – everyone on set wants to be fed. The Küchentruck L is perfect for this. Thanks to its flexibility, you can provide your crew with food and drink in no time at all.

Will you be filming on location for a while? Then the Küchentruck XXL is ideal for you – its marquee, 3 combi steamers and extra-large cold store make it perfect for location shoots where you will be staying for a while.

And if you choose to make use of our optional chefs, then you’ll be able to concentrate on what is important – your film.

Ready for the first take? Choose your Küchentruck now. We can also take care of catering – together with our partner vomfeinsten Catering & Service GmbH we can offer you an all-round complete package including catering.

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